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Technology in soccer through wearables


The use of technology in our daily life has become a norm, and so the use of technology in sports. For the last few years sport teams are spending millions to try and gain a competitive advantage over their opponents, and real time data with the help of wearable can be achieved.

In the last few years, FIFA the International Association Football Board (IFAB), which are responsible in determining the rules of football (soccer) are developing global wearables standards, where all the teams will use the same data-tracking technologies for training purposes.

 Wearable technology could for example allow teams to monitor a variety of health and fitness statistics such as energy output, endurance, nutrition, sleep patterns and levels of fatigue. Eventually, some of this technology could make its way into live matches to help doctors and coaches, and also help fans to view in-depth player statistics.

Sports wearables are a growing field. Teams as well as players are increasingly looking to use the latest fitness technology to track performance and help improve their skills. There are a number of products on the market that have already built a good customer base with some of the major clubs across the world.


So let’s see some examples:

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