SOCCER SCIENCE -The BackSpin Pass (Video)

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One of the most important tactics in the sport of soccer is passing. Precision passing takes years of practice and thousands of attempts to get it right. There are many ways to pass a ball and like billiards and golf, there are certain spins you can put on a soccer ball for ultimate control.

Here is an accurate 25 yard pass. Not only is it a 25 yard pass, but its a “BackSpin Pass”. The BackPass controls the ball & puts it where its meant to land. This is important when you need to give it to your player so they can have maximum control after they receive the ball.

When a ball is kicked, the foot is on the ball for 16milliseconds. This doesn’t give you much time to adjust the foot, this has to be a decision made within less than 1.1 seconds as your brain processes that this is the pass you want to make.

The foot needs to be under the ball with the toe in between the ball and the ground, and also the swing must slow down after the foot impacts the ball and you must make sure that you dont have a full swing through in order for the back spin pass to work just right.

The back spin pass can be extremely effective, especially when the offense is on a full attack. With quick decision making accurate maneuver’s & effective passing, the defense will be lost and with enough practice this tool can benefit your game and your entire team.

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