Eric Cantona England’s next manager

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Eric Cantona has thrown his hat into the ring to become England’s next manager after Roy Hodgson resigned.

Eric Cantona

The Manchester United legend, Eric Cantona has announced his candidacy where he promises to never criticise Wayne Rooney (unless he moves clubs), to stop Harry Kane taking set-pieces and to end the curse of the England goalkeeper.

He also promised to hire Peter Schmeichel as his assistant manager and to have Sir Alex Ferguson as a special advisor.

‘That is why today, the self-appointed Commissioner of Football declares his candidacy,’ he told Eurosport.




‘Here is my pledge(Eric Cantona):

‘I, Eric Cantona, potential future manager of England, promise never to lose against a small frozen island where the goalkeeper is a movie director and the assistant coach is a dentist.

‘I Eric Cantona, future manager of England, will pray to the Gods of Football to end the curse of the English goalkeeper!


Eric Cantona england

Eric Cantona

Would you like him to be in charge of England? (Picture: Eurosport)

‘I manager of England, will ask the giant Harry Kane not to hit crucial free-kicks or corner kicks but to be on the other end of it for the header. Especially if you are going to hit that f***ing free-kick to the moon.’

Cantona also promised not to put his hand over his mouth while speaking on the touchline and insisted he has the right pedigree for the job.

He certainly sounds a better choice than Hodgson, why not give him a go!


#CantoYes Vs #CantoNo


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