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Nike’s Secret Tournament

On 4/4/2012, Nike officially launched its  World Cup 2002 multimedia campaign. Nike is unveiling its new line of Nike Football (Soccer) apparel with the tagline “A lighter shoe, cooler kits, a faster ball, a Secret Tournament – every touch counts.”  The cornerstone of the campaign is a three-minute film directed by Monty Python’s Terry Gilliam. The film features 24 acclaimed soccer players gathering in a massive tanker in an unknown harbor to play a secret tournament arranged by French football legend and actor Eric Cantona. The only rule: first goal wins.

Nike campaign The Secret Tournament

Nike’s Press Release

[from Nike’s press release:] Here’s the premise of Secret Tournament: Hidden from the world, 24 elite players hold a secret tournament, with eight teams, and only one rule… “First goal wins!”

Controlling the action is Eric Cantona, who oversees every three- on-three match noir that takes place in a huge container ship docked in an unknown harbor. With Monsieur Cantona at the helm, you can be assured there will be no whining, no judgment calls, and no mercy.

As an icon of danger and intrigue, the scorpion serves as the symbol for stinging play. Seen popping up around the world since mid-March, the sinister and segmented arachnid evokes the speed and venomous strikes that bring victory.
Nike’s Press Release

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