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Eric Cantona has thrown his hat into the ring to become England’s next manager after Roy Hodgson resigned.

Eric Cantona

The Manchester United legend, Eric Cantona has announced his candidacy where he promises to never criticise Wayne Rooney (unless he moves clubs), to stop Harry Kane taking set-pieces and to end the curse of the England goalkeeper.

He also promised to hire Peter Schmeichel as his assistant manager and to have Sir Alex Ferguson as a special advisor.

‘That is why today, the self-appointed Commissioner of Football declares his candidacy,’ he told Eurosport.

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Technology in soccer through wearables


The use of technology in our daily life has become a norm, and so the use of technology in sports. For the last few years sport teams are spending millions to try and gain a competitive advantage over their opponents, and real time data with the help of wearable can be achieved.

In the last few years, FIFA the International Association Football Board (IFAB), which are responsible in determining the rules of football (soccer) are developing global wearables standards, where all the teams will use the same data-tracking technologies for training purposes.

 Wearable technology could for example allow teams to monitor a variety of health and fitness statistics such as energy output, endurance, nutrition, sleep patterns and levels of fatigue. Eventually, some of this technology could make its way into live matches to help doctors and coaches, and also help fans to view in-depth player statistics.

Sports wearables are a growing field. Teams as well as players are increasingly looking to use the latest fitness technology to track performance and help improve their skills. There are a number of products on the market that have already built a good customer base with some of the major clubs across the world.


So let’s see some examples:

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Becoming Zlatan – Den unge Zlatan


Den unge Zlatan (2015)

“Becoming Zlatan” are the decisive years of Swedish soccer player Zlatan Ibrahimović, told through rare archive footage in which a young Zlatan speaks openly about his life and challenges. The film closely follows him, from his debut with the Malmö FF team in 1999 through his conflict-ridden years with Ajax Amsterdam, and up to his final breakthrough with Juventus in 2005.

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Sport Ads

Nike’s Secret Tournament

On 4/4/2012, Nike officially launched its  World Cup 2002 multimedia campaign. Nike is unveiling its new line of Nike Football (Soccer) apparel with the tagline “A lighter shoe, cooler kits, a faster ball, a Secret Tournament – every touch counts.”  The cornerstone of the campaign is a three-minute film directed by Monty Python’s Terry Gilliam. The film features 24 acclaimed soccer players gathering in a massive tanker in an unknown harbor to play a secret tournament arranged by French football legend and actor Eric Cantona. The only rule: first goal wins.

Nike campaign The Secret Tournament

Nike’s Press Release

[from Nike’s press release:] Here’s the premise of Secret Tournament: Hidden from the world, 24 elite players hold a secret tournament, with eight teams, and only one rule… “First goal wins!”

Controlling the action is Eric Cantona, who oversees every three- on-three match noir that takes place in a huge container ship docked in an unknown harbor. With Monsieur Cantona at the helm, you can be assured there will be no whining, no judgment calls, and no mercy.

As an icon of danger and intrigue, the scorpion serves as the symbol for stinging play. Seen popping up around the world since mid-March, the sinister and segmented arachnid evokes the speed and venomous strikes that bring victory.
Nike’s Press Release

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One of the most important tactics in the sport of soccer is passing. Precision passing takes years of practice and thousands of attempts to get it right. There are many ways to pass a ball and like billiards and golf, there are certain spins you can put on a soccer ball for ultimate control.

Here is an accurate 25 yard pass. Not only is it a 25 yard pass, but its a “BackSpin Pass”. The BackPass controls the ball & puts it where its meant to land. This is important when you need to give it to your player so they can have maximum control after they receive the ball.

When a ball is kicked, the foot is on the ball for 16milliseconds. This doesn’t give you much time to adjust the foot, this has to be a decision made within less than 1.1 seconds as your brain processes that this is the pass you want to make.
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